Meet Erin!



  • Certified Pennsylvania Music Educator and Classically Trained Singer
  • Accomplished performer in solo concert, small and large productions
  • Pursuing a doctorate degree in Communication Media & Instructional Technology
  • Develop and implement virtual learning experiences for both online learners and on-campus students
  • Strong background in developing, implementing and using a holistic approach for improving programs and enhancing student learning
  • Leadership, supervisory, planning, training, programming, research, and problem-solving skills
  • Experience successfully preparing students for careers in the arts
  • Highly proficient with an interest in technology and software


Singing is a very physical art. Our bodies are our instrument.
I guide singers to take the steps they need to: * double their energy so they can achieve high-level performances and deal with ever-changing schedules
  • immunity so that they don’t have to worry about getting sick before performances * reduce the risk of vocal nodes, polyps, etc., while feeling their voice is as powerful as ever
  • have exceptional alignment and impressive breath management by improving core stability and functional fitness * learn the impact of good nutrition on the voice without counting calories and still eat foods you enjoy. No, that does not mean more kale!
  • reduce stress and develop a positive mindset to make it easier to give outstanding auditions and performances * to look and feel outrageously confident on and off the stage
As a certified k-12 music educator, teaching has always been close to my heart. I teach with passion and purpose, intentionally using creativity. In addition to teaching a week-long summer music camp to school-aged children, I also currently mentor young vocalists through private voice instruction and small group music classes.