how to motivate yourselfWe have ALL been there, right?  We feel totally BLAH or unmotivated about completing a task.  Many of us even feel this way every Monday morning, perhaps even Sunday night.  Can you relate?

We look for any source of energy or motivation.  But where do we find this?

The main way to get energized or motivated is to intrinsically motivated yourself.  UGH…. that does not sound easy or fun, does it?  Its great  to be excited naturally, but to be honest, its not always easy. So how do you do that? Its FOCUS.

FOCUS is actually an acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful!Tweet Thishow to get motivated to achieve your goal

Why do Monday’s feel so overwhelming?  Most of us don’t love our jobs, or we think about the LONG to-do list we are holding onto or we are overwhelmed by the hustle of the work / school week.  I don’t know about you, but I can make a to-do list of about a hundred things that  need to finish at some point in this week.  I want to encourage you to FOCUS, instead of being frazzled.

When we focus ,when we really direct where our energies should be spent — thats where energy goes! Energy goes where FOCUS flows. So instead of feeling today discouraged, I want you to feel encouraged by your focus.

Focus is our key to motivation.  When you have a goal, when you have a focus, when you have a plan, you are then excited to drive towards that.  Otherwise, we get discouraged and we feel like we don’t want to continue.   We get lost and loose sight of our goals because we are not focused — we think about the whole entire forest rather than looking at the trees.  FOCUS helps us to stay on the path within the forest so we can clearly see the forest through the trees.

What are you focusing on this week?


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