How to Boost Your Confidence with These 5 Strategies

Strategies to increase confidenceI struggled most of my life with confidence issues.  Not necessarily in public- its those little voices in my head that whisper self-doubt.  Its easy when you’re with family or friends who
boost your confidence to feel good about yourself or confident, but what about those times when you are alone?   And you feel less than confident.  These are a few of my favorite ways to boost my confidence.

Look in the mirror.

Instead of finding your physical flaws, look at your best features. Your pinterest-flawseyes? Your hair? Your smile? Focus on that for a minute and be grateful for it. You were

created in the image of God himself!  Find something that you think is special and appreciate it.

List your accomplishments.

Write them down. YES! With a pen and paper.  List everything from winning the third grade math competition to getting the kids out the door without a melt down. Write down anything and everything you can think of for which you feel proud. Even better if you keep a journal to track your “wins”.  We are often way too hard on ourselves and we must be kinder and gentler to ourselves.

Meditate or pray.

Go within and “cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you.”  When we ask God for help in our weakness and put on the full armor of God, He will protect us from those nasty voices who whisper lies and deceit.


If you’ve done something wrong, apologize. Guilt and shame are such unhealthy emotions. Take care of this right away.  Whether it was an intention or accidental wrong, get it off your chest!  You’ll feel better.boost your confidence with strategies

Write an affirmation.

Find the thing that makes you feel really lousy about yourself. Now turn that negative statement around and state the opposite. Believe that there is truth in your affirmation.  Repeat it over and over. Carry it with you!

We must believe that we have been created with a purpose and a plan (Jeremiah 29:11).  When we trust in that purpose and plan we allow God’s light to shine through us.

Do you sometimes feel less than confident?  What do you do to help boost your confidence?

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