10-common-reasons-why-you-are-not-seeing-results-from-working-outThere’s a lot of factors that can go into the results that we get from a workout. I was personally doing SEVERAL of these 10 things myself so I wanted you to learn from my mistakes!


I thought that I could lose more weight with cardio because I could burn more calories, but our-body-craves-lean-muscle-and-needs-that-muscle-to-really-work-effectively-and-at-its-optimum-statuswhat happens is if we don’t confuse our body, we get used to it and suddenly we go from

burning maybe 300 calories to only burning 250 calories, and then 200 calories, and less and
less.  By incorporating strength training as part of our workout routine we add variety and build lean muscle, which burns more fat!  Our body craves lean muscle and needs that muscle to really work effectively and at its optimum status. You need a combination of strength training and cardio.


Some people under train, some people over train. I was severely guilty of over training. I wasn’t taking rest days, I was training for a marathon, still doing my regular cardio and then also strength training. I was really working out entirely too often and entirely too much and
not giving my body that time to rest and recover. Over training is a severe problem and then your body goes into recovery mode where you really start to have some maor issues. I was incredibly irritable, very much so exhausted

The other area where I really see people, especially some of my clients that they really lack is
in under training.  You want to base your workout on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being easy.  no problem.  barely any effort.  A 10 being, “I literally can’t speak because I can’t breathe.”

You want the majority of your workouts to be at a 6. A 6 is a little bit more than the middle of the road, so whatever that is to you because that’s going to be different for everyone.


You could be really harming your results if you’re not eating enough healthy fat. The keyword here is “healthy” fat. I love pizza and I ice cream as much as the next person but it’s not considered a healthy fat. Your coconut oil, your grape seed oil, your olive oil, hummus, avocado, those are all really good, healthy fats.

Healthy fats give you energy! They also help to keep your hormones regulated and work the way they are supposed too, at a level they are supposed to work at.  Healthy fats help to reduce inflammation. If you’re working out and sore; healthy fats are going to help your muscles to recover due to their natural anti-inflammatory effects. Not to mention these fats help us to feel fuller for longer.if-youre-working-out-and-sore-healthy-fats-are-going-to-help-your-muscles-to-recover-due-to-their-natural-anti-inflammatory-effects


Too much variety can lead to bad form or bad technique, meaning if you’re going to a Turbo Kick class on Monday, and then you go to P90X live class on Tuesday and then you go to a PiYo class on Wednesday, and then you go to a kickboxing class on Thursday, and then you go to a rowing class, and then you go to a spin class class, you have so much variety that you never really master form and technique which can lead to injury, but it can also lead to you not being able to push yourself to that level 6.

On the flip side, not enough variety can lead to a plateau. If you are doing the same cardio routine day after day, or lifting weights that focus on the SAME muscle group all the time, you won’t see results.  You need to have variety but it needs to be the right kind of variety. Every single Beachbody program is designed with this concept in mind — you get enough of the same routine to master form, but each program has enough variety that you don’t reach a plateau!


I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this!  We use a machine at the gym, look at the calorie burn that reads 845 calories and do a little happy dance.  BUT….machines and fitness trackers are not 100% accurate. They are a tool. They are designed to help give you an idea, but they cannot possibly be 100% accurate. I’m a FitBit wearer and I love my FitBit. It’s a great step counter and it does motivate me to keep moving and keep going, but at the same time, it can’t possibly be 100% accurate.  Most workouts burn in the 250 to 300 calorie range.


Its important to find that balance of a light snack about half an hour to 15 minutes before you work out.  Perhaps an apple or a handful of almonds, but not a full meal.  Not having enough energy means you don’t have enough energy to push yourself.  As someone who workout first thing I do tend to workout first thing in the morning and I have a pre workout energy drink. It has a few calories in it which just gives me enough energy to fuel my workout and really push myself.


Overly restricting your calorie limits is not going to help your metabolism. In fact, it’s going to sabotage you!  Crash and fad diets don’t work.  You may shed a quick 5-7 pounds, but because you are not training your body to function at a prime level, you will quickly gain it back once you start eating a normal amount of calories again.  Sometimes even an extra 5-7 pounds because you body feels the need to hold onto fat! Eat healthy, exercise, strength train, get plenty of rest, and you’ll feel better. The crash diets are just that. It’s a diet, it’s a crash, and crashing is not good.

yoga and pilates8) LACK OF FLEXIBILITY

You may not be seeing the results you want with your workout because you are not working on your flexibility. Your flexibility is so important.  When you skip working on your flexibility you are opening yourself up to injury. If you’re injured, you can’t work out. If you can’t work out, you’re not going to get results.   HOWEVER, a flexible muscle gives you a wider range of motion and greater strength potential. Flexibility plays a major role in our health and fitness.


You cannot out exercise a poor diet. Nutrition is 80% of your results so if you don’t have that under control, you’re not going to see the results that you want with fitness. It does not matter what workout or exercise program you’re doing —  you’re going to get stuck, and you’re not going to see what you want to see. Just think about what your goal is and ask yourself if your nutrition in alignment to help you reach that goal.


Perhaps you’re not seeing the results you want because you are only lifting 1 and 2 pound weights.  You want to pick up weights that are heavy enough that allow you to reach muscle fatigue, but at the same time, not so heavy that you hurt yourself.  Determine what your heavy is and ask yourself if you are lifting to that maximum. There is a huge cardio effect when you do lift heavy weights. You are able to really strengthen that muscle, it breaks down the fiber, it allows it to rebuild and allows it to regrow which gives you more muscle. More muscle means you’re burning more calories.

Are you feeling frustrated with your fitness routine?  Stressed you’re not seeing results?  Take advantage of a free consultation 



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