How to set fitness goalsGoals, goals, goals… we know we need them.  Many of us even know they need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). But do we know what goals to set?  Do we know what to even take into consideration with our health and fitness goals?

While there isn’t really a bad goal, it CAN be more powerful to have some specific desires to be working towards.  Consider these 5 health and fitness goals to add to your list:

1) Eat 80% Clean 7 days a week

I talk about clean eating a lot.  At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods— those that are minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.  This is absolutely a SMART goal and one that will help you to reach MANY of your fitness goals.  By cutting out processed foods we help our bodies to work at PEAK performance. Clean eating can be overwhelming and confusing.  I recommend working with a certified health coach to help you get started and teach you the basics!
SMART health and fitness goals

2) Increase strength

Most of my clients are women and it is surprising to me HOW many women are afraid to get strong because they think they will bulk up.   Allow me to let you in on a secret…. MUSCLE BURNS FAT and getting stronger does not mean you will look like the Hulk’s little sister!  Excited?  I know when I learned of this, I sure was.  According to WebMD, 10 pounds of muscle tissue burns 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would only burn 20 calories.  Strength can be measured in the number of push-ups you can do, the amount of weight you can lift,  or the number of reps you can handle in a set.  But strength also relates to real life: The ease of which you can carry your kids to bed when they fall asleep during family movie night or carrying the groceries.

3) Make Fitness Part of Your Life Routine

A lot of my clients create a goal of “Exercise More”  because they have a vacation coming up or a wedding…but this isn’t a SMART goal.  I want you to think about HOW you will exercise more and create a LIFE HABIT, rather than a temporary shape up!  I get it, you want to look stunning at your class reunion, but by using thHow to overcome your excusese motivation for your special event, you can begin to think LONG TERM. Working with a health coach allows you to create a plan for how to incorporate your fitness
routine and nutrition as part of your daily life.  Having an accountability partner increases your ability to be successful!

4) Hone in on a Skill

how goals help you to be your best
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Many of my clients tell me that they are just not “into” exercising just to exercise.  I get it.  This is one of the reasons I offer monthly challenges such as a push up challenge, plank challenge or squat challenge in my health coaching group.  For me, it was cardio-kickboxing, but if that isn’t your thing (what?!) pick another sport or interest.  Maybe it is yoga, or running or just mastering an effective push-up. You can also hone your skills by setting a target number of push-ups on your toes or how many chin-ups you can crank out!  But make sure you’re SMART about the goal you set!

5) Train for an Event

This is the exception to training for a specific date!  When I decided I wanted to take up running (tip #4) I decided to sign up for a 5K.  This gave me some specific goals to work toward and motivation to keep pushing myself. For those of us who are deadline driven, having an event where we will need to “prove” our skills helps us to keep our drive. So sign up for a 5K, or a dance-a-thon or an amateur bodybuilding competition and then train like heck!  Who knows!  You may find the RUSH from competition so incredible you just may make it a habit.

Do you have a SMART health or fitness goal?  I’d love for you to share it in the comments!


17 Replies to “5 Fitness Goals You SHOULD Be Setting”

    1. this is wonderful! Where are you running your half marathon? I plan to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May, after being recovered from foot surgery!

  1. These are terrific recommendations. I started a daily yoga practice three months ago and feel so much stronger. I love yoga:-) I think sleep is also really important. I’m going to start adding weight training to my plan and eating even better than I already do!

  2. Well . . Ummm . . I used to run 4 miles 5 days a week, play tennis, lift weights, eat right, etc. But, as I have grown older, doing that much was too much, so have just gotten lazy:) I need a program for us “just over 60 gals who once were very active.”

    1. This is awesome! Most of my PiYo Live class is the “just over 60 gals who once were very active” Its a great low impact option for folks who want an intense cardio and strength based workout, but not the impact on the joints! Walking is also a GREAT exercise that many people over look!

  3. This is a good format for getting and staying fit and healthy. A few weeks ago I started on a Whole Foods diet as part of a cleanse. What realized is..I LIKE eating this way! I feel better and don’t miss most of the processed foods. Although once the cleanse is over I am going to eat a couple of potato chips

  4. These are great tips. I like number 5 though as it is specifically challenging you to train. Being a part of an event motivates you as you are a part of a bigger group and they all are a part of your accountability.

  5. My goal is to begin a regular exercise program, the only trouble I have, my chronic pain illnesses tend to get in the way. I want to find something that will increase my energy levels, helps lessen my fatigue and something that won’t cause me to pay for the physical workout later. Any idea’s?

    1. chronic pain can be tricky. Definitely stick with something low impact that won’t rattle your joints but you also want something that will keep you moving. Walking is always a safe option! Adjusting your nutrition can also greatly help with inflammation.

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