How to run a marathon

I get asked the question all the time “Why do you want to run a marathon?”  And honestly, if I were to be 100% truthful, I don’t.  Several years ago, I felt called to start running, and without sounding too much like Forest Gump, I kept running…. and felt called to run a marathon– specifically the Pittsburgh Marathon.

I ran my first marathon in September of 2014 and my second marathon in Pittsburgh May of 2015.  I went into my first marathon terrified and mentally unprepared for what was before me.  For marathon number 2, I was dealing with an injury, the knowledge of what was before me and a bit of arrogance.  I thought because I had one marathon under my belt and a strategy, that I would be okay.  I was “okay” but I didn’t really run it with purpose or heart and I was disappointed in my time (4:43:26 for all you runners who want to now) and I was more disappointed in my attitude.  My heart wasn’t in the right place.

Facing a recurring hip injury, I almost withdrew from this marathon in early March.  There was speculation of a hip fracture, then bursitis and then a HORRIBLE allergic reaction to prednisone.  But I kept hearing God say “run this”  “you can do this” “I am with you”.  I can’t explain it….but I just dove in head first to aggressive PT, elliptical cross training, stationary cycling and PiYo.  While I’m still dealing with hip issue, I am running on May 1, as a St. Jude Hero.  Not only am I helping to cure childhood cancer, but I’m using these miles to really dig into scripture, spread God’s love and focus on other through prayer.  Each mile has a scripture to ponder and a person for which to pray. Throughout this “Miles that Matter” Series, I’ll be sharing my scriptures and prayer list and ask that you join me in praying for these individuals!

Mile 1:   Be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of age. Matthew 28:20

Person: Seth A.
As I stand at the start line, the journey ahead of me can become overwhelming and lead to anxiety and fear.  Focusing on the fact I have the best marathon buddies (God and my sweet friend Kara) I trust in the Lord ALWAYS and know that he will be with me and even carry me when I need it.  Mile 1 prayers are dedicated to Seth because he is a boy, the same age as my oldest son, who’s arm was severed and reattached by doctors and is being healed by God, our greatest physician.  Seth is so inspiring and has quite the journey ahead of him.  I’m sure he has days (as well as his parents) when they think they can’t go on or endure anymore and because of their faith in the Lord Jesus – they CAN!  and WILL!  Keep running your marathon, Seth.  You are a hero to me!

Mile 2:   The Lord will work out his plans for my life. Psalm 138:8

Person: Maria H.
I don’t know what God’s plans are for this journey and often ask myself “WHY  ME?!?”  But I am trusting that God’s got this!  He knows exactly what he is doing and has it all worked out perfectly.  Be it the marathon, my thyroid or just bringing amazing friends into my life — I’ve learned if God brings me to it, he’ll see me through it.

Maria is a mom of two boys who is battling cancer.  And when I say battling – I mean FIGHTING it kicking and screaming and not letting it define her.  I’ve never met her in person, but when I’m tired of the whole “adulting thing” by the end of the day, I think about Maria and how she is probably still going and not complaining or whining.  Mile 2 can be a difficult mile for me, as I’m settling into my pace, the “start line high” is wearing off and the fact that “THIS IS REAL” is sinking in.  Keep fighting, Maria!  You are incredibly strong!!!

Do you have a scripture that you rely on for when you are facing a challenge?  How do you change your attitude to overcome your fear?


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