Running and Marathon RunningA Journey of Faith –  Read Part 1 | Part 2
As the days go on and on and we get closer to the “DAY” I continue to get deep into prayer and have been reaching out to those who are on this list and part of the miles.  What I’m asking YOU, my readers to do, is pray with me!  You can download the Pittsburgh Marathon App (iPhone) (Droid) and follow me on May 1!  I”m runner 1817 and as you follow me, you can pray WITH me for the #milesthatmatter

Mile 5: I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13
Person: Jill H.
Jill is a fellow mom of 3, about the same age of me and had a tumor removed off her back in October of 2015.  She has been on a journey of rehabilitation since.  Jill even elected to have this scary surgery even with a chance of immobility or no-feeling in her lower body.  The mass had to go and the benefits outweighed the risks.  Unable to lift her kids, run after them or even simple tasks like tying shoes was nearly impossible.  Jill participated in one of my challenge groups a few months ago and the 21 Day Fix, along with her physical therapy and LOTS AND LOTS of prayer has helped her to continue to improve.  Jill is still not to 100% so my prayer is for her, her family and the caregivers who are still helping her to regain full mobility and function of her body.  Jill- if you’re reading this, you are an inspiration to me in your walk of faith and your journey of healing.  Our God is pretty awesome!

Mile 6: Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we can not see. Hebrews 11:1
Person: My IR4 Buddy’s family
6I run for Joshua.  I’ve posted about this before, but what I don’t share much is how incredible his family is.  Hilary, Joshua’s mom is such a sweet woman.  She is a mom of three and two of her amazing children have a special need.  Do you think that stops this family from doing anything?  NOPE!  She homeschool.  She provides medical care as necessary.  Doctor and specialists. Surgeries.  And prayer.  And she loves on me like I”m a part of her family.  And the truth is — this whole family has my heart.  Every one of them.  I’ll specifically be praying for Hilary as a mom and wife.  I’ll be praying for Jenna who is facing a serious surgery this summer and Jocelyn and Nick as well.  This family is a blessing to me.  I’ll be doing a lot of thanking God during mile 6 as well!

Mile 7: ‘I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope.’ Jeremiah 29:117Person: Kara R.
I could say a lot about Kara.  She has been my sanity and my running buddy and my FRIEND and prayer partner and my biggest fan.  She is just GOOD PEOPLE!  We joke that we are #IrishGirlsRunning and #IrishGirlsPoundAsphalt #IGPA ….. but I am so grateful we met several years ago.  I’m pretty sure we were actually meant to be sisters — we even look alike (including the big, curly hair!)  But Kara has her own set of running issues and concerns.  I’ll be praying for her to have the physical strength, mental strength and endurance throughout the marathon…..but I’ll also be doing a lot of THANKING God for this sweet, sweet friend.  She is my fellow St. Jude Hero and introduced me to this amazing program.  This marathon journey will NOT be a disaster — our God has plans for us to have future and hope!!!


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