5 Ways to Recover From Super Bowl Party Indulging

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3 Easy Ways To CRUSH Food Cravings

How to CRUSH food Cravings

I was diagnosed in 2014 with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis disease, and in 2015 with Candida Albicans overgrowth.  I knew I had to get the candida overgrowth under control and I knew if I was going to do that the sugar cravings were going to become super intense.I even remember sitting at my office three weeks into treatment thinking if I had an arm that was dipped in chocolate I would totally  gnaw it off, like gnaw the arm off, like an animal when they’re in a trap, will sometimes gnaw their leg off so that they could go free- that was how I felt.

I would walk around the office like do you have any candy? Do you have any chocolate?  Do you have something sweet?  Cravings stink.   I was treating the candida with supplements and working with my naturopath and really getting that under control but I knew that I was not gonna see permanent changes in regard to the candida balance of healthy flora verses you know, candida over growth unless I made permanent changes to my nutrition and so I was working really hard on that.  There are three things that I did to really  get a hold, get a grip, for lack of better words, there are three things that I did to really get a grip.

1) EXERCISE: Exercise helps with cravings, because exercise causes an incredible hormone production on various levels and that hormone production essentially says to your body, “hey, you’re actually not hungry, you actually don’t need anything to eat”  Exercising helps to crush the cravings just from the natural physical reaction that exercise induces.  There  is also the mental component of it, well I just ate, I just worked out, I don’t want to go ruin it and eat junk food.

2)  Eat more frequently throughout the day. If you have followed my broadcast for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of meal planning and in my meal planning, I account for snacks!  I include breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. And by doing so there’s a couple rationales, a) you’re not going to become overly hungry and b) there’s some really common times when cravings occur and that’s mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and evening. So by spreading out your meals as opposed to eating three big meals, by making smaller meals, you’re going to account for those craving times by preparing for that, so for my mid-morning snack when I want something sweet, I have an apple and almond butter. So we’re not going to eat just anything, we’re going to have healthy things like nuts, avocado, grapefruit,  and a little hidden gem that a lot of people are not aware of is that peppermint is an appetite suppressor. Enjoy a mug of peppermint tea, or even just peppermint essential oils, like  peppermint water anything that has a little bit of peppermint to it, not necessarily peppermint patties or peppermint candies, but natural oil, peppermint oil, that’s a great way of saying to your body I’m not really hungry! 

3) Make a plan. I know when I’m going be walking into what I call “sabotage people”, where they are always the one who always have the snacks, the cookies, the cupcakes, the doughnuts, the pretzel, etc…  I always think of a plan! When my mid-afternoon cravings would just set in, and I thought I would just die if I didn’t get something sweet,

  I would close my door two o clock, and I would turn on my little sound machine and I would just take some deep breaths. I would do some self-meditation, just for a couple minutes and sort of put myself back in the moment and re center and then I would pull out a scripture: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, not because I am strong, but because God is strong enough to get me through it, so that was my plan was just to self-meditation, prayer, and focusing on the fact that no matter how intense this craving is, I can get through it because God was going to give me strength.

There are certainly numerous other ways to CRUSH cravings.  What has worked for you?

How Do You Eat Healthy and Plan Your Meals?

I get it.  Busy is my name and hustle is my game!  I needed a way to simplify my nutrition AND still eat healthy because of my Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease.

Below is a sample meal plan from January 4-10.  You’ll see that I indicate the R/G/P/Y ….if you don’t know that language it is simply my way to help me remember if I”m eating the right amount of food in the right portion in the right food groups!

Sound complicated?  Think again!  The easy to follow road map of the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan has taught me the most simplistic way to balance carbs, proteins and fats.

The containers are divided out by color and size – and as you can see from my  meal plan, I follow plan A.  So as long as I continue to eat the right portion and combos – I’ll continue to see weight loss OR in my personal case, toning getting leaner.

I’ve helped hundreds of people successfully navigate this system that TEACHES you how to create a healthy and fit lifestyle.  If you want to begin your OWN journey using this easy to follow system, all you have to do is GET STARTED today!