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Free Get Healthy and Fitness Challenge!

We all need to get a little healthier, right? WELL… now is your chance and it is FREE! All you need to do is click GOING and choose me as your FREE coach!  

Starting Monday, October 20, we’ll spend 5 days making a few healthy changes a day and having fun while we do it!

What you get:

Free 5 day meal planDaily motivation and accountabilityTips, Resources and SupportPrizes!

To join, simply email me and then make sure you have a free account with me as your coach:

PiYo and 3-Day Refresh Challenge Groups

Calling All Procrastinators!!

Summer Slim Down — for the Procrastinators!

I know, I know!  We all do it, right!  Put off things we KNOW we need to do, but know that it is going to involve some work and effort.  NO MORE!!!  

I’ll be kicking off my own 3-Day Refresh Round 2!  This is an amazing 3 day detox program that is easy to follow, very filling (no starving) and yields some amazing results!  I have friends who have lost up to 10 pounds on this 3-day program!!!   You eat REAL food, drink lots of water, utilize healthy fats, fiber and vegan proteins to get the nutrition your body needs and help you to feel full.

PiYo Round 4 will also be kicking off on August 18.  I am IN LOVE with this program.  My body CRAVES the flexibility and strength training it offers.  Our challengers are seeing SUCH amazing changes in their bodies.  
My own 30 day transformation.  I know it may not look drastic, but it is down 1 pound, 2″ off my waist, 1″ off each thigh (YAY!!) and I gained an inch on my booty.  <–yes, I’m happy about that!  I’ve also lost an inch of of my hips.  I’ve done other programs, and have had some serious weight loss results, but what strikes me about this is HOW AMAZING my body feels.  I have such flexibility now and don’t wake up feeling stiff and achy.  THAT is priceless!  

What are you waiting for??  JOIN US!
Deadline to commit to the newest round is August 11, 2014.  Email me to reserve your spot and FREE GIFT!

Fitness Group Application

Online Fitness Challenge Groups 

Thanks for your interest in my fitness challenge groups! My name is Erin Lewis and I am an online health and fitness coach. Please answer the following questions about your health and fitness to assist me in helping you to reach your goals. These questions will help me get to know your needs better. Once I review them I will contact you back with the contact info you provided. We will then talk about which program and group best fits your life style. There is NO Commitment by filling out this form. 
My information and help is always FREE!