The 5-Day Tweak Your Day Challenge


If you’re like me, you just want it to be easy to eat healthy food, exercise and stop the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.  You want it to be simple, without having to give up your favorite foods, dining out or that glass of wine every now and then.

I hear you!  That’s why I created the “Tweak Your Day” Challenge where I teach you how to make simple tweaks to your day to live YOUR best life without sacrificing hours of sleep, delicious food or spending hundreds of dollars on gym memberships you use five times.

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WHO is this challenge for?small-tweaksbig-difference

  • Someone who wants to learn healthier habits
  • Someone who struggles to give up pizza or beer but wants to get healthier
  • Someone who lacks the accountability to exercise 3-5 times a week
  • Someone who feels very overwhelmed by all the fitness gurus and nutrition experts
  • Someone who does not want to hear the technical jargon
  • ANYONE who just wants getting healthy to be SIMPLER

For 5 days, I will share with you an easy-to-follow roadmap that will guide you to implementing small tweaks that will make a big difference in your sleep, nutrition and fitness.  ALL FOR FREE!

If you are looking to JUST BE HEALTHY then this is YOUR challenge!  Will you take it with me?


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How to Boost Your Confidence with These 5 Strategies

Strategies to increase confidenceI struggled most of my life with confidence issues.  Not necessarily in public- its those little voices in my head that whisper self-doubt.  Its easy when you’re with family or friends who
boost your confidence to feel good about yourself or confident, but what about those times when you are alone?   And you feel less than confident.  These are a few of my favorite ways to boost my confidence.

Look in the mirror.

Instead of finding your physical flaws, look at your best features. Your pinterest-flawseyes? Your hair? Your smile? Focus on that for a minute and be grateful for it. You were

created in the image of God himself!  Find something that you think is special and appreciate it.

List your accomplishments.

Write them down. YES! With a pen and paper.  List everything from winning the third grade math competition to getting the kids out the door without a melt down. Write down anything and everything you can think of for which you feel proud. Even better if you keep a journal to track your “wins”.  We are often way too hard on ourselves and we must be kinder and gentler to ourselves.

Meditate or pray.

Go within and “cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you.”  When we ask God for help in our weakness and put on the full armor of God, He will protect us from those nasty voices who whisper lies and deceit.


If you’ve done something wrong, apologize. Guilt and shame are such unhealthy emotions. Take care of this right away.  Whether it was an intention or accidental wrong, get it off your chest!  You’ll feel better.boost your confidence with strategies

Write an affirmation.

Find the thing that makes you feel really lousy about yourself. Now turn that negative statement around and state the opposite. Believe that there is truth in your affirmation.  Repeat it over and over. Carry it with you!

We must believe that we have been created with a purpose and a plan (Jeremiah 29:11).  When we trust in that purpose and plan we allow God’s light to shine through us.

Do you sometimes feel less than confident?  What do you do to help boost your confidence?

10 Benefits Of Fitness That May Change Your Perspective 

How to exercise when you hate exercise

I work with a lot of women who have NO desire to exercise.  They just don’t enjoy it and therefore see NO benefit in physical activity.  But there is plenty of research out there to prove otherwise!

1. Release Feel Good Endorphins

One Study (1) followed 150 men and women participants, who were diagnosed with medical depression, for sixteen weeks.  By the end of the sixteen weeks, 60 to 70 percent of the subjects couldn’t even be classified as having depression. Even better, a follow-up to the study found that the effects from the exercise lasted longer than those from the medication.  I can say from my own personal experiences with postpartum depression and seasonal affective disorder that since starting my own exercise routine more than four years ago I’ve been able to go off of my own dose of anti-depressant prescription medications.  For those of us who are medically depressed, we often have no desire to exercise.  The “feel good” endorphins that exercise releases is even more important for people like you and me!

2. It boosts creativity

I work with a lot of small business owners, artists, musicians and writers.  We need the creative juices to flow for our businesses to grow!  The next time writer’s block hits or you need new ideas for your next project, try taking a quick stroll around the block. A recent study (2) found that walking improved both convergent and divergent thinking, the two types associated with enhanced creativity.   While you may feel like you can’t afford to take the time to exercise, it may end up costing you MORE in productivity if you don’t! Tweet This

3. It strengthens your heart.

It may feel like your heart is thumping itself right out of your chest during those TurboFire HIITs, but your heart will thank you later. As shown in a report (3) from the American Heart Association, exercise strengthens your heart muscle as well as reduces your risk of heart disease and other related conditions. So the next time you’re sweating through a tough workout, just imagine it’s LOVE you’re sending to your body.

4. Tame Those Temptations

They don’t call it a “runner’s high” for nothing! Whether you’re addicted to sugar, cigarettes, or even drugs, exercise could play an important role in resisting your substance of choice. In one study, scientists found that the endorphin rush released during exercise acts on the same neural pathways as addictive substances. The result? Mice in this study opted for the treadmill over the high from an amphetamine-laced solution, suggesting that humans could do the same.

5. Your Life Depends On it!

Metabolic syndrome is a real concern.  This is increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and excessive fat around the waist.  To help prevent this, you want HIGH intensity.  On a scale of 1-10, you want to work at a 6, three to four days a week and at an 8 at least three days a week!  Use interval training to take your heart rate up and down.  TurboFire is a great way to get your HIITs (high intensity interval training) without having to leave your house!  Exercise reduces your risk for other disease too: cancer, heart disease, lung disease and more. 

6. Adds years to your life and LIFE to your years

Here I go again with this research stuff!  Studies(4) show people who exercise feel happier, more excited, and energy! Additionally, people who exercise live longer and lead a better quality life during those years.  And you don’t have to spend 7 days a week or workout for hours on end.  The study revealed that simply 3 days a week of exercising for 50 minutes is sufficient.  You can also workout 5 days a week for 30 minutes.

7. Changes Your Focusinstead-of-focusing-on-body-image-exercise-helps-you-to-focus-on-skills-and-achievement

Instead of focusing on body image, exercise helps you to focus on skills and achievement.  Builds an attitude of gratitude!  Think about what your body is capable of doing.  Just like us moms are amazed by the process of growing a human (what a miracle, right!?)  we should be just as amazed at being able to do more lunges that we could 30 days ago or being able to run 5 minutes longer.  Focus on PROGRESS not perfection and each day you will get stronger and better.

8. Strengthens Bones

Many of us women are familiar with osteoporosis.  We make sure we get enough calcium, but how many of us make sure to exercise enough to prevent osteoporosis?  Most of us don’t even think about exercising to strengthen our bones.  Researchers found that adults who exercised had better bone density than those who exercised little or not at all.  To add to this, adults who quit exercising later in life lost bone mass even if they’d exercised regularly in their teen or young adult years. .

9. Makes You a Role Model

We don’t often think about how our habits will impact others, but more often than not – people are watching us!  Maybe it is our children, siblings, parents, aunts, friends, etc….and sometimes those people whom we love are just watching.  Observing.  Learning.  Being inspired.  Your exercise encourages others!  By encouraging others, YOU can change their a role model for fitness10. Eases Chronic Pain

As someone who lives with an autoimmune disorder, I get chronic pain.  There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed.  Times when just walking feels like it is taking every ounce of energy I have.  Days I want to do nothing.  Despite how I feel,  I now know that I need to MOVE!  Research shows (5) that a moderate exercise program gives both short-term and long-term improvements for people who have chronic pain, even if the underlying condition remains.  This means that a simple walk is going to help us.  A low impact program like PiYo is also a great option.

If you are struggling with wanting to exercise, but know that you need help to get motivated, schedule your free consultation today!GET STARTED NOW!