How do we teach our children patience?

How do moms read the bible

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Today’s Faith for Busy Mom’s was centered around Isaiah 40:31.  
Isaiah 40:31
but those who wait upon the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
*WAITING.  We don’t like it do we?  Hurry up, rush rush rush, NOW, IMMEDIATE.  But God’s time just does not work that way.  We have to WAIT upon the Lord.  That means put our trust in him and and know that HIS timing is perfect and he will give us strength to carry us through whatever he has planned for us. 

We live in such an instant gratification society that the whole concept of waiting is like we are being tortured with a slow and painful death.  I know when we were struggling to grow our family and it wasn’t happening in MY time, it was beyond painful and frustrating.  It was hard to hand that over to God and say “I trust you.”  But when I did, I felt immediate peace and comfort…. and a year later we were blessed with my monkey in the middle.  I couldn’t imagine my life with out that bugger — he is PERFECT for our family!

What about with our children?  Are we teaching them to wait? I work with many college students.  They don’t seem to mind waiting….. until the last minute.  Right?  But then they expect INSTANT access to whatever it is that they procrastinated (not the same as waiting) and become easily frustrated.  Are we teaching WAITING?  Patience? I sure hope so.  This isn’t easy.  I do a lot of REMINDING “say please” “don’t interrupt” “we have to wait our turn” “wait” “please wait” “hold on” ….I feel like a broken record anymore.  Speaking of broken record — will anyone even know what this means? 

I digress….  So we’ve waited, and waited, and waited…. and we think whatever it is we’ve waited on isn’t going to happen.  Maybe we give up hope?  Maybe we become sad?  Angry? Frustrated?  OR ALL of those things?  I don’t think God ever said that this journey would be easy, right?  But then we have to rely on Him for strength and HE will RENEW our STRENGTH!!  God can do anything.

I have loved this verse for many reasons — as a runner particularly.  That whole part of Run and Not grow Weary is especially helpful during a long run.  By mile 22 you’re pretty weary!  But you know you’ve come SO far and don’t have that much further to go.  Renewed strength is JUST what you need.  Often, when I’m feeling impatient with what I think needs to by MY time — I think about this feeling.  I can’t fast foward to the finish line anymore than I can fast forward time.  Whatever it is we’re waiting for — we can do it!!
My prayer for us all today:
Father, forgive each of us for our impatience! When we become anxiousness, frustrated and begin to doubt because of things we have asked you for, help to soften our hearts. Our lack of trust in you, Lord, keeps us from receiving special blessings. Forgive us, Lord, and help us to remember that all things are done in Your time.  Help us to remember that you see the bigger picture and know what we need when we need it. Help us moms to teach this to our children and to be an example of patience, trust, love and understanding.  Renew our strength Lord and help us to love you more every day!  We love and praise you, Lord. Amen!