Meet Erin!

I am almost 40, the mom of three amazing munchkins and the wife of one really awesome man!  I have not always been fit or into nutrition.

‘I don’t have time for that.’  No.  for real.  “I DON’T HAVE TIME!”
If you would have talked to me a few years ago, at some point in our conversation, those words would have been spoken.  Thankfully, I have developed some skills to solve that problem.

You see, I wasn’t always someone who exercised and ate well. I struggled with being SUPER picky and didn’t there there were actually veggies that I liked.
After my the birth of my third child, I really sunk into a bit of a tailspin.  I was depressed, tired, overwhelmed and turned to food for comfort.  I was also unknowingly struggling with a health condition that was undiagnosed for several years — making the struggle even more of a challenge.  Going to a gym was not something that fit into my schedule.  A friend from high school posted on Facebook that she was starting a health and fitness challenge group.

In January 2011, I decided it was TIME for a change.  I invested in the 10 Minute Trainer program and in my 30 days I was down 8 pounds.  I was so excited that I did it for another month.  I then started drinking Shakeology and worked out to the P90X Program during the summer of 2011 and got stronger and tighter!  I decided to fire up my metabolism with Turbo Fire and fell in LOVE with fitness.  I lost 30 pounds with Turbo Fire and finally started to feel like myself again!  I adopted clean eating and really started to play with my food!  YES, experimentation with recipes.  I love Pinterest for this!

Now, I wake up at 4:30 am, do my workout, eat 6 small meals a day and due to my Hashimotos Thyroid Disease, follow the Paleo Nutrition Plan and use Shakeology as one of my meals.  I feel better at almost 40 than I did at 25.  I have more energy and fit into clothing that I wore in my college years! It is a wonderful and empowering feeling to look in the mirror and FEEL GOOD in your own skin.

I decided to become a Beachbody Coach because I love the products and love helping people to find the SAME success that I have experienced.  I teach group fitness classes and run online fitness and nutrition accountability programs. I’m a certified health coach, PiYo Live instructor, educator and author.  My goal is to create an easy to follow roadmap for others to follow.

I also mentor individuals on time management and motivation!  I have truly found my passion and love what I get to do.  I love to exercise and eat healthy.  I have learned a great deal over the last few years and love being able to share that and help so many.

Check back often to see what I’m up too!

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