parenting is hardWe’ve all been there, right?  Our kids take us to the brink of frustration, anger, annoyance….. I’m not judging!  As a mom of three, I’ve said my share of things that I regret or gotten way more upset about that lego I stepped on that what I should have.  (….well, it DOES really, REALLY hurt when you step on a lego.)

But WHY?  WHY do we get so angry?

There are some actual physical reasons that can lead to us parents being quick to anger…. and believe it or not, its not ALWAYS your kids’ fault!  We do have a choice in how we react and how we set ourselves up for diaster.

You are TIRED

One of the most common reasons that parents get angry with their children is because they are tired. Angry and tired go hand in hand.  Sometimes we may find ourselves staying up too late just to “enjoy the quiet.”  Don’t make a habit of this.  Getting enough rest will help you be in a better mood and in turn help you appreciate your children more.

Your Schedule is Too Full

I know, I know…which one of us do not have a schedule that is too full?  But over-scheduling leads to over tired.  Over tired leads to frustration.  Frustration leads to anger.  We put ourselves in a downward spiral of exhaustion.  Sometimes as a parent we feel the need to be involved in everything to be a “good parent.”  Prioritizing activities to also include enough downtime for everyone is helpful and learning to create a schedule that YOU control is important. 

You are HUNGRY!

Remember that over-booked schedule you have?  Well I bet you have days where you’re too busy to eat!  I know I do.  I’m movin’ and groovin’ and runnin’ around and next thing I know its dinner, I’m tired, I can’t think clearly and everything the kids do drives me bonkers.  Lack of food can attribute to being tired.  Keep healthy snacks at hand, plan out your meals and take time to eat.


#Duh Seriously.  I know.  I feel like my life is sometimes a big giant stress ball.  I don’t sleep well, so I’m tired.  I’m worried about this or that or all of it.  And if we are honest,  sometimes everyday life can just get pretty stressful.  Whether it be working long days so that it’s a parenting tipsstruggle to get dinner ready everyday, or not having enough time to do the laundry or clean the house.  These things lead to stress that make us react negatively to our children.  It’s good to be aware that it is stress and not your child making you angry.

Finding ways to relieve stress is key.  Perhaps meal planning would make dinnertime easier.   Involve your kids in housework.  Kids love feeling useful!  And finally, exercise.  Sometimes moving off that stressful day at the office will work miracles. Partnering with a coach helps to keep you accountable and motivated and the support groups that I run are often full of other moms, people like you and me.

Boldly Changing Lives

Being a parent is hard. We have to remember to take care of ourselves in order to really be there for our children.  When your kids are starting to really frustrate you, take five minutes and evaluate YOUR state of fatigue, hunger, schedule or stress and create an action plan to help YOURSELF so you can be there for your kids.

Can you identify with any of these reasons?

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