I get it.  Busy is my name and hustle is my game!  I needed a way to simplify my nutrition AND still eat healthy because of my Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease.

Below is a sample meal plan from January 4-10.  You’ll see that I indicate the R/G/P/Y ….if you don’t know that language it is simply my way to help me remember if I”m eating the right amount of food in the right portion in the right food groups!

Sound complicated?  Think again!  The easy to follow road map of the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan has taught me the most simplistic way to balance carbs, proteins and fats.

The containers are divided out by color and size – and as you can see from my  meal plan, I follow plan A.  So as long as I continue to eat the right portion and combos – I’ll continue to see weight loss OR in my personal case, toning getting leaner.

I’ve helped hundreds of people successfully navigate this system that TEACHES you how to create a healthy and fit lifestyle.  If you want to begin your OWN journey using this easy to follow system, all you have to do is GET STARTED today!

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