What is a Beachbody Coach? How do I earn an income?

What is a Beachbody Coach? How do I earn an income?

Becoming a Beachbody coach has been one of the best things that I have taken the leap of faith to do. I was SO nervous to make the first step, but once I did I haven’t looked back! It has been AWESOME! I LOVE helping people and I have a family of coaches surrounding me; we all support one another.

I was REALLY hesitant to begin my coaching journey because:
  1. I was not where I wanted to be with my own health and fitness
  2. I HATED the thoughts of selling something
  3. I am a busy wife and mom
  4. I am NOT a fitness or nutrition expert
  5. I tried a network marketing thing in the past and it didn’t workout
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Maybe you read my list of reasons why I shouldn’t be a coach. Maybe YOUR list is similar to that. Fortunately for both of us, those reasons can’t stop us from achieving success. I’ve been a coach for three years and have built a solid business, earned several free trips, prizes and distinguished recognitions.

Reasons Not To Become a Beachbody Coach Explored

  1. I was not where I wanted to be with my own health and fitness

I had just had my third baby and still had some extra flab that I was carrying around. Yuck. I felt icky and weak. When I gave coaching a chance, I realized that my imperfections were what people related too. Other moms felt like ME. Other women had MY struggles. And we support each other. Now, as I deal with my autoimmune disorder struggles, I find that me sharing my journey is truly what helps people. You don’t need to be PERFECT to start — you just need to start! Health & fitness is a journey, not a destination. Our goal as coaches is to help others lead a healthy and fulfilling life — not help everyone get 6-pack abs and chiseled triceps. 😀

2. I HATED the thoughts of selling something

There is NOTHING worse than peddling your friends and family. Or feeling like a pushy salesperson. UGH… I never wanted to be “that” person at parities or picnics. What I love about Beachbody Coaching is that I have the opportunity to SHARE my journey with others and when they are ready to make a change, I can help them. I have found that by simply sharing my meals, my workouts, and my LIFESTYLE, that people want to make changes and start THEIR own journey. Most of my business has been built online, with very few of my friends and family

3. I am a BUSY wife & mom

I know that I am not the only busy person out there. Aside from coaching, I work 40+ hours a week outside of the home, work hard to be a dedicated wife. What I learned, that like many people, I was spending time on things that I didn’t really enjoy or need to do. We won’t talk about my endless hours of facebook games or time on the telephone. But seriously, if we are ALL honest with ourselves, we spend time on stuff that isn’t fulfill to our mind, body or soul. Beachbody coaching is ALL of that.

4. I’m not a fitness or nutrition expert

This was my biggest fear — I was going to give someone advice and it wouldn’t be right. What I learned is that Beachbody provides a TON of training and THEY compile the fitness plans, nutrition program and how it all works. As a coach, my primary job is a motivator, encourager and a cheerleader! You can do that, right? I also discovered that coaching kept ME accountable to my own fitness and nutrition. How can I help you if I’m not working out and eating healthy? Then, by creating my OWN meal plans, I have a tool to share with you. This knowledge wasn’t absorbed overnight, and what is fun, is that MANY of my clients are learning right along with me. Again, we’re not perfect bodies — we are people who are on our journey WITH you.

5. I tried a network marketing thing in the past and it didn’t workout

Several years ago, I told my husband that I was going to spend my Christmas money and invest in a start up kit to sell make up. He rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders and so I began my cosmetics journey. It was fun for a while, but all of the home parties, evenings and weekends….and then deliveries…. Oh my, with a family, it was A LOT of extra time. I could continue on this adventure, but my guess is that if you have tried something in the past you, too, have a story. What I love so much about Beachbody Coaching is that I don’t need to keep any product in my possession to sell — we are not distributors. I keep samples on hand, but Beachbody has even created samplers so THAT isn’t even necessary! My point is — that my cosmetics journey wasn’t bad — it just wasn’t for me. I’m so glad I didn’t let that experience hinder me!

If you have read this far, we should talk! I can answer all of your questions in a 30 minute phone call. Maybe this isn’t for you — but WHAT IF it is? WHAT IF you can earn a free vacation? or an extra $500 a week?

For more info, simply Email me or APPLY online.

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