Why do I feel so miserable?

Last summer I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease.  This silent, yet miserable disease has stolen my good mood, fast metabolism, mental clarity and “normal” life.  To complicate things further, in January, I was diagnosed with Candida Albicans overgrowth.  Fun.  Fun indeed.  I learned that Paleo Nutrition made my Hashimotos feel best and that the 21 Day Fix Extreme competition plan was a great fit for my Candida Battle.  
How do you overcome fatigue

However, a few weeks ago, a routine thyroid ultrasound revealed two masses that need to be investigated further. According to the Cleveland Clinic,  Thyroid nodules are very common with those who have Hashimotos and 94% are benign.  Given my mom’s history of thyroid cancer (praise God she is a survivor!!) it does increase chances of the nodules on my thyroid to not fall into that 94%.

So, that creates some worry.  I’m a wife and mom of three young children and despite what some of the students with whom I work — YOUNG!

As so many things are swirling through my head – it is further complicated by the fact I need to be off my Tirosint (thyroid medicine) until my nuclear scan the end of July.  This means that my thyroid that was being leveled by medicine is not going to be totally out of whack!  I’m five days into this and already feel miserable again. It stinks. My throat is so swollen and I am so tired!

But what would stink more would be to let all that I’ve worked for really get me down.  To let all the work I’ve done with nutrition and exercise – to have finished two marathons, four half marathons…… NO.  I will NOT allow this to steal my life.

I know, I know – you’re reading this thinking “hey, lady – its just a test” …but the complications of Hashimotos are life thieves.  I could worry about it.  I could fret.  I could let it steal my joy and peace.
Instead, God has planted some amazing friends in my life who randomly post scriptures on their facebook walls.  Today, my sweet running friend posted Matthew 6:25 & 26.  WOW.  POWERFUL.

I need to repeat this to myself daily.  Perhaps even hourly.  “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”  Thank you, Jesus!  I can’t!  Worrying will ONLY bring me down, create negative energy and suck my life away more so than any miserable disease!

So this is why I feel so miserable these days.  You’ll see me sharing my food and fitness on my facebook as a way to help hold myself accountable.  I WILL keep going and taking care of this shell. If I can encourage someone else out there who is also dealing with Hashimotos Thyroid, if I can share God’s love and peace with this battle…. then Lord I am your vessel, use me.

Do you have any experience with thyroid nodules or Hashimotos?  I’d love to hear your story.

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