Obviously, the answer is YES!  You absolutely are smart enough to do anything that you would like to do – we just need to be SMART about it!  By SMART, I mean setting goals that are SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Beachbody Coaching Goals

Let’s break this down and see what SMART means for YOU!

I can say I want to be thinner, but what does that mean?  I can say I want to be a successful coach- but what does THAT mean?  — The truth is, they can mean MANY different things to many different people.  So we need to be SPECIFIC:  I want to lose several pounds.  or I want to grow my business by adding more coaches to my team. So be SPECIFIC

Our goal of losing several pounds and adding more coaches to our team are SPECIFIC, but are they measurable?  NO!  I don’t know what several or more mean.  let’s add some number here:
I want to lose 15 pounds.  I want to add 2 coaches to my team.  <— now we have a NUMBER to measure our success with and to help guide us.  **DISCLAIMER — I’m in no way advocating that our success should be based on a scale number!  This is just an example! 🙂

A goal is attainable if it is actually something we can accomplish.  I may WANT to walk on the moon, but I”m pretty sure I”m only going to be capable to doing the moon-walk, not walking on the moon.  Without this aspect of our goal, we can easily become discouraged and give up.  I”m a BIG BIG fan of setting several small SMART goals that are super attainable and then having a super goal that is our ultimate dream goal.

So this part of your goal needs to be something you’re capable of doing.  Notice I didn’t say EASILY able to do.  There is a difference.

I know that I may want to walk on the moon, but that’s just not realistic.  The same way with saying my goal is to wake up a 5 star diamond coach tomorrow or being 25 pounds lighter tomorrow.  Those are not realistic goals.  While they may definitely be attainable, my time-frame makes it unrealistic.  This is important to keep in mind when you set yourself a goal.  Can you REALLY do this?  More often than not, the answer is YES, but the timeframe may need to be what we focus on.

Speaking of the timeframe, this is one part of the step than MANY people forget to include.  So instead of being SMART, they’re just SMAR 😉  This won’t be you.  You are going to establish a timeframe by when you can accomplish this goal to help it be realistic.  Maybe its to shed those 30 pounds before the wedding or to become a diamond in 90 days… regardless, set yourself a realistic timeframe and then get to work!

Let’s take a look at a few goals:

I want to follow the PiYo program to lose 15 pounds in my first round of the 21 Day Fix.
 * Specific = PiYo
 * Measurable = lose 15 pounds
* Attainable and Realistic = ABSOLUTELY
* Timely = 21 days!

I want follow the coach training to be an Emerald Coach at the end of my 21 Day Coach Smart Start
 * Specific = be an Emerald Coach
*  Measurable = you will have added 2 coaches!
* Attainable and Realistic = ABSOLUTELY
* Timely = 21 days!

These are great example of short-term goals to help us reach an immediate goal.  But can we apply this same principle to a goal we have for, say, 12 months from now?  100% For Sure!

I want to use the 21 Day Fix Extreme to lower my body fat percentage by 10% in the next 12 months.
 * Specific = use the 21 Day Fix Extreme
* Measurable =  lower my body fat percentage by 10%
* Attainable and Realistic = ABSOLUTELY
* Timely =  in the next 12 months 

My goal is to add 8 coaches to become a diamond coach in 90 days using the Emerald to Diamond training program.
 * Specific = be a diamond coach
* Measurable = 8 coaches
* Attainable and Realistic = ABSOLUTELY!!
* Timely =  90 Days

I’d love to hear about a goal you’re working towards!!!  Comment below and let me know!!!

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