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I never became a coach to make a lot of money, win free trips or pay off debt…. I became a coach because I believed in the workouts and Shakeology and wanted to help other people find the same success I have found.

But what I quickly learned is that even a busy mom of three, like myself, can achieve success with Team Beachbody.  I work from my “office” in a variety of locations.  I have flexibility to have my “work” travel with me.  What I’m saying is that I may or may not have worked while I was outside soaking in some sunshine or super early in the morning over a cup of coffee.  I primarily run my business via social media – so I get paid to “play” on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  How COOL is my “job”.

I know, you’re thinking I’m a tech genius, right?  WRONG! Before becoming a coach I thought YouTube was for Bieber Wanna-Bes and Pinterest was for people planning a wedding.  Our team has developed TOP-NOTCH training to help you duplicate our success.

So whether you are looking to simply save a few dollars each month on your Shakeology, earning a few hundred dollars each week to save up for a family vacation or cover the cost of day care or you’re looking to FIRE your boss – it is TOTALLY possible with the Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity!

On Thursday, May 21 at noon EST join me for LUNCH!
Learn more about this amazing opportunity and how you can truly live your passion!

For more details or to RSVP – click HERE

Space is limited in this webinar so be sure to save YOUR spot.  The first 10 guests to log in on Thursday will receive a free gift for joining!

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